Valve Skids and Tie-In’s

Alraiedah Underwater provides clients different options which ever is more efficient & economical to deliver spools on barges / supply vessel or getting it wet stored pre arrival of the DSV. Spool sizes were from 4’’ to 48’’. Spool lengths up to 82 meters long. Spools longer than 45 meters were lifted from cargo barge by two cranes.

J-Tube, Risers & Clamps

Alraiedah Underwater provides design, fabrication & construction services for J-tubes, Risers and their associated clamps. Alraiedah Underwater also gives options to client to install J- tubes / Risers in a single section or set of flanged sections. Moreover, with availability of two cranes on Alraiedah Underwater vessels, client is no more required to mobilize barges with big crane capacity to install long / heavy risers. Alraiedah Underwater gives client options to install set of Risers & J-tubes up to 70 meters long in a single bundle.

Alraiedah offers various delivery options based on efficiency and cost-effectiveness, including transportation on barges, supply vessels, or arranging for wet storage pre-arrival of the Dive Support Vessel (DSV). Spool sizes range from 4’’ to 48’’ in diameter, with lengths up to 82 meters. For longer spools exceeding 45 meters, two cranes are utilized for lifting from cargo barges.

Alraiedah provides comprehensive services for J-Tubes, Risers, and associated clamps, including design, fabrication, and construction. Clients are given the flexibility to install J-Tubes and Risers as a single section or set of flanged sections. With the availability of two cranes on Alraiedah vessels, clients can efficiently install long or heavy risers without the need for additional large crane capacity on barges. Additionally, Alraiedah offers the option to install sets of Risers & J-Tubes up to 70 meters long in a single bundle.