EPC Contractor Support

Alraiedah provides flexible options for EPC clients, offering individual services such as diving, ROV operations, vessel charter, cable laying, etc. Alternatively, clients can opt for a complete solution where Alraiedah undertakes the entire scope using its own equipment.

Scope of Support:

Throughout the lifecycle of an offshore project, Alraiedah supports EPC clients with various scopes, including but not limited to:

  • Project Mobilization and Readiness: Ensuring all necessary resources and equipment are prepared for project commencement.
  • Pre-Lay Surveys (ROV & Divers): Conducting surveys to assess underwater conditions before laying operations begin.
  • Pre-Lay Support/Stabilization Installation Operations: Installing support structures such as sleepers and mattresses to prepare the seabed for cable or pipeline laying.
  • Subsea Installation Operations: Executing the installation of various subsea components including risers, J-Tubes, clamps, and spool tie-ins.
  • Subsea Rectification Operations: Undertaking corrective measures such as free span corrections, grout bag installation, and mattress installation to ensure the integrity of subsea infrastructure.
  • ROV As-Laid and As-Built Surveys: Conducting surveys to verify the alignment and condition of subsea installations after completion.

Yes, Alraiedah offers both individual services and complete solutions, allowing flexibility to cater to projects of any size. Whether it’s a small-scale diving operation or a comprehensive subsea installation project, Alraiedah has the capability and resources to meet diverse project needs.

 Alraiedah prioritizes quality and safety in all operations. The company adheres to strict industry standards and regulations, conducts regular equipment maintenance and safety training for personnel, and implements robust quality control measures throughout the project lifecycle. Additionally, comprehensive risk assessments are conducted prior to project commencement to identify and mitigate potential hazards.

Alraiedah provides services globally, with operations spanning across various offshore regions. Whether the project is located in shallow waters close to shore or in deep-sea environments, Alraiedah’s experienced team and versatile fleet of equipment are equipped to handle projects in diverse geographic locations.