Commitment to Excellence and Ethical Practices

Ensuring Excellence in Operations

Alraiedah Underwater LTD is committed to excellence in marine services, prioritizing safety, quality, and environmental sustainability. Our policies ensure employee well-being, compliance with regulations, and ethical conduct, fostering trust and reliability in our operations while adhering to international standards and guidelines for quality, health, safety, and environmental management

Quality, Health, Safety, and Environmental Policy

Alraiedah Underwater LTD prioritizes safety, quality, and environmental responsibility, complying with laws and fostering continuous improvement.

Alcohol and Drugs

Dedicated to safety: Zero tolerance for alcohol/drug misuse. Strict policy enforced by all management. Responsibility shared throughout the company.

Contractors Health & Safety Policy

Contractors adhere to safety standards, undergo training, follow work protocols. Responsibility shared between contractors and Alraiedah Underwater LTD management


Employee competency prioritized. Ongoing training provided. Responsibility shared between General Manager, senior management, and all employees.


Jewellery banned in workplace for safety. Exceptions for medical bracelets. Policy enforced by all management levels for secure environment.

Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy

Zero-tolerance bribery policy: Employees prohibited from bribery. Reporting mandatory. Violations lead to disciplinary action. Regular training ensures compliance.